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Venice Group

  • Unique research and strategic consulting organization

  • Develop and deliver custom solutions for your unique business challenges

  • Blend of quantitative and qualitative methodologies

  • Vast range of advanced analytics capabilities

  • Global capabilities and reach

  • Highly skilled experts (20+ years of research & consulting experience)

About Venice Group: Text

We Believe That:

Data are just data, until they’re not.

Everything begins with gathering, assembling, and/or acquiring the right data, from the right sources.  Failing to do this makes everything else pointless.  However, until the data are carefully and correctly analyzed they are still nothing more than data.

Only nails are nails.

There is an old saying, If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.  At Venice Group, this trap is never accepted.  We have mastered a broad range of approaches, methods, and techniques.  This means knowing exactly what each does and doesn’t do, their pros and cons, and how to properly use them. This allows us to use our vast toolbox appropriately and creatively to craft brilliant solutions.

If it isn’t both actionable and impactful it is trivial.

It is critical to know the difference.  While trivial information can be interesting and beneficial, it is not a substitute for true insights and guidance.  We are committed to finding viable and valuable paths forward for our clients.

About Venice Group: Welcome
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