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For the Visionaries
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Welcome to the home of Venice Group's quantitative research expertise, where numbers evolve into insights, and data transforms into strategy. If you're a forward-thinking individual, a business leader who relies on the power of data to shape your decisions, you've arrived at the right place.

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In the world of quantitative research, precision is paramount. Your investment in research should yield insights that shine light on your path forward. Venice Group's commitment to accuracy ensures that every data point collected, every analysis conducted, and every insight derived is a stepping stone toward your vision's realization.

The Venice Group Difference:
Precision in Every Detail

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Our quantitative expertise spans an array of studies, encompassing:

Expertly Crafted Custom Solutions

And more. Our quantitative acumen fuels your understanding, empowers your strategies, and propels your business forward.

Join Venice Group, where quantitative insights become the catalyst for transformation, illuminating your path to success.

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We were struggling with our marketing research and determining where we needed to focus our resources. Venice Group stepped in and changed that. We couldn't be happier with the results.

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Fueling the journey from data to decisions.

Powerful Analytical Capabilities
Separating Waste

Factor Analysis

Reduces variables into important concepts; uncovers underlying patterns for more strategic decision making.


Cluster Analysis

Unearths hidden groupings and reveals relationships between elements, to detangle complexity.


Regression &
Key Driver Analysis

Uncovers correlations; identifies influential factors for prioritization and more informed decision-making.


Discrete Choice &
Conjoint Modeling 

Mimics shopping behaviors, decodes preferences, and guides product design and pricing strategies

Perceptual Space

Perceptual Mapping

Visualizing relationships among variables; aids strategic decision-making and positioning

Cutout People

Market Segmentation

Dividing audiences along multiple dimensions; informs strategies for precise and effective targeting.

Fishing Nets

TURF Analysis

Evaluating reach; identifies optimal product/service combinations for expansion strategies.

On the Horizon


Predicting trends and expected market behaviors/reactions; aids planning and resource allocation with accuracy.

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Need a Little More Information About Quantitative vs Qualitative Research? 

Need a Little Bit of Each?

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